Apache rewrite all to index html

The solution to this subtle problem is to let the server add the trailing slash automatically. For example, disabling ETag is reported to improve performance on clustered servers.

We want to redirect homedir URLs to another webserver www. We use a rewrite rule to strip out the status information and remember it via an environment variable which can be later dereferenced from within XSSI or CGI.

URL Rewriting Guide

Every webmaster can sing a song about the problem of the trailing slash on URLs referencing directories. They wanted to redirect just all homedirs on a webserver to another webserver.

At least for important top-level pages it is sometimes necessary to provide the optimum of browser dependent content, i. Make sure that your FTP program uploads it in text mode, and not as a binary file.

[Apache] mod_rewrite: Rewriting .html to .shtml if no .html exists

Most if not all web servers will automatically serve that file when your visitors go to your domain without any filename like "http: Perhaps you want to keep status information between requests and use the URL to encode it.

The site has an unwieldy URL. Begin with the Single Node Setup which shows you how to set up a single-node Hadoop installation. This will ensure that old or outdated packages do not interfere with the installation.

In the following sections, we will show two additional examples of commonly used directives. The application may use the query string information to build the right page for the visitor. If it does not exist, then index. Feel free to learn the black magic of URL rewriting from these examples.

So, to do this trick we write: When tricks like time-dependent content should happen a lot of webmasters still use CGI scripts which do for instance redirects to specialized pages.

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With a tricky chained ruleset we can use this top-level domain as a key to our multiplexing map. The first solution has the best performance but less flexibility and is less error safe: Note that, if this rule is added to the site's root.

This section is dedicated to interpreting the requested URL, using regular expressions. The plus sign indicates what is in the brackets can be one or more characters as opposed to, say, a single character that is either a letter or a number.

Practical Solutions Here come a lot of practical solutions I've either invented myself or collected from other people's solutions in the past. We will need to set up and secure a few more settings before we can begin.

They usually need such things when establishing a newer webserver which will replace the old one over time. To do this correctly we have to use an external redirect, so the browser correctly requests subsequent images etc.

Enable Directory Views In the first section of this article, we see how to disable directory views, which generally is desired and good for security. Options -Indexes Follow symbolic links in this directory.I'm quite new to apache so any help is appreciated!

I've got Apache and tomcat (through mod_jk) running on my desktop. I defined all static files (i.e HTML) to be served by apache and all jsp to be. Basically, you are asking MOD_REWRITE to forward to slcbrand.com the URI request always when a file exists AND always when the requested file doesn't exist!

Apache Mod Rewrite

When investigating the source code of MOD-REWRITE to understand how it works I realized that all its checks always happen after the verification if the referenced file exists or not.

I would like to put a rewrite rule RewriteRule /test /my/long/path/slcbrand.com but my slcbrand.com fetch other files, by ajax, so it's not working simple like this. I.

Apache mod_rewrite

The following config does the following: If the HTTP header "User-Agent" contains "Mozilla/3", the page slcbrand.com is rewritten to slcbrand.com and the rewriting stops. If the browser is "Lynx" or "Mozilla" of version 1 or 2, the URL becomes foohtml.

I am in the process of converting my site with many static html pages to a site driven by a database. My problem is that I don't want to lose what google has already indexed, so I would like to rewrite requests to be sent through a php script which lookup the filepath for content in the database.

Apache rewrite from https to http, with redirect I'm running an apache server with virtual host definitions (one each) for port 80 and The https path to the mail login page is outside of the http/web doc root: when rewriting the https://www.

Url rewriting in Apache using mod_rewrite : RewriteCond & RewriteRule Download
Apache rewrite all to index html
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